Self-Employed Health Insurance Premiums – How to Reduce Them

Unlike other insurance getting a self-employed health insurance is not easy. Almost all types of self-employed insurance are expensive especially if you also want your family to be insured.

Moreover, finding this kind of insurance is not easy because you have to look for an insurance company that will suit you and your family’s life style and at the same time it won’t cost you that much. People who have an employer usually have a group discount when they get one that is offer to them by the company they work for.

You won’t have this kind of benefit if you’re a small business owner or a self-employed professional. But there are also those insurance companies that offer affordable insurance for self-employed persons that will also suit their budgets.

  • If you work alone and does not have any employees then you should look around for some insurance companies are offering affordable insurance which you could avail. They can offer you indemnity or manage plans which will cover the health care that is if the insured find doctors that is contracted by the insurance company. Here are some tips and advice for you that want to get insurance.
  • If you wanted to get an insurance plan first you have to go to the department of insurance in your state and get a list of the insurance company that are legal. The insurance company must licensed by your state in order for them to operate.
  • Find a company that has a higher rating and are well known that offers a self-employed health insurance not only in your state but also nationwide. You should also check the feedbacks of the clients for the insurance company you have chosen.
  • The same as all other insurance if you want to have a lower premium you should aim for a higher deductible in order to lessen your premium rate.
  • You also have to be cautious in finding insurance especially on the internet for not all website on the internet can be trusted. If you don’t want to fall victim to these fake website you have to check first if the website can be trusted. You could check them on BBB.
  • There is affordable self-employed health insurance that is offered but if you have a preexisting illness then you should expect that the cost of your premium will soar, sky high.
  • There are these, what they called medical discount cards that are usually sold as a health insurance. But this card only gives discount to medication and the doctor’s fee; they don’t help you pay for your medical expenses. Getting health insurance is important for it helps you cover for your medical expenses when you are caught in an unexpected accident of when you are injured. Also self-employed insurance can be deducted from your self-employment tax and income tax up to 100% (but check with a financial professional before making any deductions).