Facts About Payroll Taxes

If you are an employer, you absolutely have to pay payroll taxes.  The Internal Revenue Service says that it is shorted $12 Billion annually in payroll taxes.  It has become aggressive in its tactics to collect this revenue.

As an employer, you must pay them; there is no way around it.  It is your responsibility to make all payroll tax deposits.

The IRS will get your payroll taxes or they will take your business, seize your assets, and come after you personally.

IRS fines for missing payroll tax deposits are immediate and the penalties add up fast.  If you miss a payroll tax payment, you want to jump on it as soon as possible.  The IRS can use liens against your bank accounts as just one collection method for missed payroll taxes.

The IRS is particularly watchful of small businesses.  In the past, many small businesses thought they could get away with ignoring these taxes more easily than the big businesses.  The IRS caught on and is now on the watch for businesses small and large alike.  They are one of the IRS’s biggest compliance issues.

Borrowing against your payroll taxes is illegal.  You cannot use your employee’s withholdings for anything other than paying the IRS.  If you are found to be borrowing against them, you risk loss of your business, your assets, and your freedom.  Employers are often jailed when caught in this type of violation.

No method exists to resolve payroll tax disputes other than paying up.  The IRS can shut down your business and seize your assets for failure to pay payroll taxes, and no court order is needed.

No matter your business structure, you can become personally responsible for unpaid payroll taxes.  From the biggest CEO to the smallest shareholder, if your company fails to pay payroll taxes, you can be held personally liable.

The IRS can assess the Trust Fund Recovery Penalty.  The money you collect for payroll taxes is the withholding from your employees.  So, you are technically holding this money in trust to turn over to the IRS on behalf of your employees.  The Trust Fund Recovery Penalty is assessed against your company when you fail to hand that tax money over in a timely fashion.

The Trust Fund Recovery Penalty is assessed at 100%.  In other words, if you have $5000 in unpaid payroll tax, the Trust Fund Recovery Payment will be assessed at $5000 on top of the $5000 you owe.  The Trust Fund Recovery Penalty doubles your payroll tax liability.

If you do find yourself in trouble with payroll taxes, you will need to contact a tax resolution specialist swiftly.  If you contact them in time, they may be able to help you pay your payroll taxes to date and avoid the Trust Fund Recovery Penalty.


Real Estate Agents: An Indispensable Act

We buy homes. It is like any other business form. To sell or buy a home, it requires a real estate agent’s expertise and experience. The doubt factor is hovering over the question of whether to take professional assistance of a real estate agent or not. People would beg to differ here. There would be various reasons involved. Business is flourishing at an unprecedented rate. With changing environment, business techniques and traditions have also undergone massive change. The official definition suggests that they find potential candidates who are looking to buy or sell their houses. These professionals would also provide customized services depending on the situation. They have long list of duties to perform to.

They are best equipped to handle legal and technical aspects of buying or selling a house. To build or buy a home, it is a life-long investment. It would be advisable to look for an expert who has through knowledge of the subject. Online sites can provide extensive information about the best available local real estate agencies in order. It goes without saying that they have to protect their clientele’s interest first. They are required to sell the house (from a seller’s perspective) convincingly well to earn maximum profit in the process. It was also made sure that customer experience was satisfactory or more than what was expected. It is not merely about selling the house but building future process of business associations with the same person again. Sometime ago it was a precarious question to ask as how to choose a real estate agent.

The responsibility factor becomes tremendously huge given the condition that they need to think of couple of things in advance. Real estate agents are required to build customer base by means of providing impeccable service standards to both the parties. Tough economic situations have not made it either easy for them. It is a long process to buy or sell a house. These business experts must stay in close contact with both the sides to keep them updated about the proceedings. It is often observed that due to inappropriate selection of real estate agencies, customers have difficult time. Please try to check few points before appointing any new agency or agent. One can look out in the neighborhood or ask friends to provide valuable tips. The experience factor is one of the effective techniques to measure the performance level. It must not be forgotten that buying a house is an exciting prospect so equal number of efforts shall be made here.

People looking to buy a house can inform agents in advance about the kind of image or neighborhood picture they had in mind. This is the starting point of what would be an interesting next few weeks of inspecting and checking several houses before finalizing the legal process. Real estate agents have brought enterprising approach into the market. They have taken an initiative to capture the essence here. The process has just begun.


Online Versus Offline Network Marketing and the Networkers’ Mindset

One who is not exposed to the world of internet marketing, will think that there is no other way to attract and generate prospects for their network marketing business, but using the traditional methods, like building a warm market list of friends and family, cold calling, the 3-foot rule, hotel meetings, house parties, etc…

On the other hand, those that are only exposed to internet marketing, think that the traditional way of network marketing has no relevance for the network marketer today.

How Are Prospects Generated?

Traditional network marketing prospects are generated using many methods. These are only a few of them.

1. Warm market list building. These are your friends and family, and others whom you might consider to be close to you. You will build this list, and then schedule a time when it might be convenient to visit the prospects on the list.

2. Through Getting Referrals. Some network marketing companies use this strategy to get leads. From visiting the prospects in their warm market, whether they join your business or not, they would be asked if they knew anybody that might be interested in what they were offered. If they gave names of the interested, those manes are called referrals.

3. Cold Calling. This is where you schedule a time, and get on the phone, and start calling people that were referred to you by people you prospected earlier in your campaign. They are mostly strangers, and people from a leads list you may have bought.

4. The 3-foot Rule. This kind of prospecting is done when someone comes within three feet of you, you will strike up a conversation with them, with the intention of trying to get them interested in your company or products, or to invite them to a business opportunity meeting or so…

5. Hotel Meeting. This is mostly run by one of the leaders in the district, they may have gotten together with some other leaders to come up with the funds to rent the hotel room for those meeting nights, the goal is, to get prospects to this place so they can see a bigger picture of the company and its leaders. Many sign-ups are gotten at these meetings.

Internet marketing generated prospects for network marketing, are gotten, by using a system

The people coming through this system comes through a funnel loaded with money making programs within the system, for creating cash flow while building their primary business.

1. List Building. This list of leads is generated using the system, and at the same time branding the person using it, if done correctly.

2. Personal Branding. This is very critical for attracting and adding leads/prospects to your list. You are branded so that people will see you as a leader, and may follow you. They may opt in to your list if they trust you, and like what you are offering. Personal branding is a must if you want to build a successful network marketing business using the internet.

3. Cash While Building Your Primary Business This is one of the advantages of having a functional internet marketing system. You make money while concentrating on building your network marketing business. Prospects coming through the funnel, and accessing these programs, are more likely to submit their contact information to get into the program.

There are a lot more that I can say about the above mentioned, however, let us talk about the mindset of mlm prospects generated online to those offline.

We will start with offline prospects.. Having been conditioned by the practices and methods used by the old school of network marketing, prospects are set in their ways, doing what their up-line tell them to do, even though it does not flow with their own personalities and mindset.

They are so conditioned that if introduced to a new way, a new formula so they might attract more leads for their businesses, they would for a long time reject the formulas, being really afraid to try something new. Also, they may think that this new method of doing network marketing would violate the compliance of their company; if their company does not recommend it, then they are not doing it: and keep themselves another step away from being more productive.

Another area where you can see network marketing prospects not cooperative, is if they were on a list of leads which you bought. You make a phone call to them, and they are not receptive because they were not really expecting your call. They have have joined some other business opportunity. They may even listen to what you have to say, and may be polite, but know in their heart that this is not something they ordered, so there is not sale.

On the other hand:

A network marketing prospect that comes through a system, where they themselves had opted into, are more receptive and ready to take action. They are honored if you call them, especially if they recognizes you from a capture page, video, sales letter, blog, or article, they are delighted to talk with, and share their struggles with you, so you might give them a solution.

The truth is, this is the type of prospects you want coming into your funnel, they are willing to take action, they are willing to invest to see their businesses take off, they have hope in a system that might help them, they are always looking for something that would enhance their marketing campaign.


Long-Term, Bad-Credit, Affordable Loans Are Available

If you have a need for an infusion of a significant amount of cash but cannot meet a huge monthly payment, you should probably check out a long-term, bad-credit affordable loan. One of the great aspects of a long-term, bad-credit loan is the fact that the payments can be easily rolled into even the tightest budget. Short-term loans require monthly payments that may be a bit hard to handle but they are off the household budget sooner than long-term loans.

Not All Lenders Are Vultures, But…

Folks facing financial duress often do not act rationally. They often find themselves grasping at straws. Of course, there are always the unchivalrous who are there to take advantage of these feelings. The worst among them are those who make the borrower feel as if a great favor is being granted them. The minute this attitude is detected, the borrower needs to find another lender. The borrower is doing the favor by allowing the prospective lender to have their business. Many folks have poor credit ratings for a variety of reasons and it is not a reason to feel particularly ashamed.

Alternatives Exist for Those Seeking Bad-Credit, Long-Term Loans

Going into debt is not a choice that should be taken off-the-cuff. For some folks, there are options more affordable than contracting a legal debt. Friends or family members may be cajoled into offering an injection of funds if they are secure financially. A friend or family member is not going to run a credit check nor exact unreasonable repayment terms. It is important, to avoid bad blood, that repayment terms and amounts are completely understood by both parties.

Unsecured Long-term, Bad-Credit Loans May Exact High Interest Rates

Collateral is property of real value that is put up to secure a loan. If you do not wish to present collateral and if you have a bad credit history, it may be somewhat difficult to secure a loan. While you will probably be able to find a lender willing to take a chance, understand that you may be charged rather high interest rates. Just be sure the rates are affordable to you in your present financial situation. At this point you do not want to be obligated to something that will only pull you down the debt drain even further.

A Home Can Help Secure a Loan

If you are a homeowner, you could seek a long-term bad-credit loan from a lender on a secured basis. These loans allow for longer repayment terms with an affordable monthly pay back rate. Just be aware that if you default on the loan, the lender will have the legal means to seize the property and sell it to help cover the cost of the loan.

Homeowners Equity Loan Contracts Are Available

HELOC’s are one of the ways a homeowner can apply for an equity loan. These involve establishing a line of credit equal in amount to the equity (paid back portion) of a home loan. You can borrow against this amount over a specific period of time. Once the equity amount has been attained, then the borrower must proceed to pay back the loan as specified.

Long-Term, Bad-Credit Affordable Loans Require Attention Like Any Other

You need a significant amount of cash and you have bad credit, a long-term, bad-credit affordable loan may be what you need. Do not take on any debt cavalierly. Do plenty of comparison shopping until you have found the right lender and right loan to cover your financial need. Hidden fees, sudden changes in monthly payment amounts, and the like may mean that you are dealing with fraud.